What We Do

Our activities and programs

The Michigan Congolese Community offers a diverse range of activities and programs designed to engage, educate, and entertain our members and the community.

Youth Leadership Council

The Youth Leaders Council is an influential group that empowers young individuals to advocate for change and make a positive impact in the Michigan Congolese Community. Through collaborative efforts and innovative ideas, the council provides a space for young leaders to discuss pressing issues, develop strategies, and implement initiatives that address the needs and aspirations of their generation.

Women’s Empowerment Council

The Women's Empowerment Council is a dynamic and inclusive platform that aims to uplift and support women in all areas of their lives. Through a range of programs, workshops, and advocacy efforts, the council seeks to promote gender equality, amplify women's voices, and address issues such as discrimination, violence, and inequality.

Immigrants and Refugees Council

The Immigrants and Refugees Council is a dedicated organization that works tirelessly to support and uplift immigrants and refugees in their integration process. Through comprehensive services, including language assistance, job training, and social integration programs, the council aims to provide a strong foundation for newcomers to thrive in their new communities.

Social Services Council

The Social Services Council provided for the Michigan Congolese community are designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by memberships. These services encompass a range of support systems, including language interpretation, cultural orientation, and access to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities.

Civic Engagement and Advocacy Council

The Michigan Congolese Community's Civic Engagement and Advocacy Council encourages its members to be active year-round so that our power can grow. By mobilizing community members to vote during election seasons, advocating for policy change with a united voice, and educating our communities on social justice, we will be able to win elections.